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Darby Campbell has deep roots in middle Tennessee where his business is based. His career began in residential construction and development and then expanded into the development of mixed-use developments, entertainment venues, marinas, hotels and restaurants, and retail. His company's sizable portfolio of projects is diverse, reflecting a broad range of talent and experience.

Whether he is converting and renovating buildings to serve a greater purpose, maximizing the potential of undeveloped land or developing waterfront projects and marinas, Darby Campbell is a thoughtful steward of the resources entrusted to him. As a lifelong resident of the Knoxville area, he has a very personal interest in the conservation of our natural resources and historical assets. As an entrepreneur, he is a visionary with a unique grasp of the opportunity for profit and an insightful and successful developer. He is committed to developing financially profitable projects that enhance their immediate surroundings and are a source of pride for all stakeholders.

As the Owner and President of Safe Harbor Development, Darby has assembled a talented group of professionals experienced in the development and operation of a broad range of projects. Safe Harbor Development's portfolio of successful projects is a testament to the collective talent of the team and Campbell's astute leadership.